#PassTheGin with Ginifer – Jozi’s own

Because 140 characters are just not enough!

We have been fans of Ginifer for some time now. Our first introduction to the brand was at the Good Food & Wine show in 2016, and have been stalking them at all the subsequent events since. The main reason we seek them out is obviously the quality of the gin, as well as the awesome G&T combinations they produce. But more than that, there’s always a certain vibe around their stall. Their enthusiasm for their craft is contagious, so it was with similar enthusiasm that we were counting the days to the visit to the Angel Heart home base.


The first thing you’ll notice is Jaco and Jaqueline’s absolute passion when it comes to all things related to Angel Heart.

You really do get a sense that they aren’t in it just to produce the most product for the most profit, but want to put out the best quality product possible.


The gin in particular is very much Joburg driven. The botanicals used encompass the spirit of Joburg, and are sourced locally. (I’m not going to go into the details of the gin-making process – you’ll have to arrange a visit for yourself to check it out.)


They also produce a barrel-aged chilli infused gin which really helps with the sinuses when you’re feeling a bit blocked. They offer very interesting G&T’s using theses gins – my favourite for the day being the grapefruit and coriander G&T (my regular is the grapefruit and star anise, which is also still fucking awesome).

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Of particular interest (to me, at least) is the Westcliff, inspired by the man-made forest around Westcliff. Not many people drink their gin neat, but really give this one a try! The structure of the gin is a bit more complex than with Ginifer, and the overall result is a smooth, easy-drinking gin. They did offer Westcliff G&T’s, but personally I preferred just the gin. Not that the G&T’s weren’t awesome (fuck yeah fennel and blueberry!), I just preferred the neat gin. Because it’s neat!

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As I’ve said before, I’m not going to go into too much detail about the operation – because we want you to experience it yourself. Get a bunch of people together, get in touch with them (http://www.ahbev.com/),and organise a visit. It’s an experience that my words cannot even begin to describe.

*We were invited as a group of SMIs and were guests of Jacqueline and Jaco from Angel Heart Beverages. Thank you!



6 thoughts on “#PassTheGin with Ginifer – Jozi’s own

  1. Noid

    Awesome Day!

    Awesome Product!

    Awesome Post.

    Thanks for sharing the special day so well.

    I recommend everyone adds this one to their bucket list if they stay in Joburg.


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