#ThrowBackThursday Gin and Tonic Festival, the G to the I to the N!

GPBoozyFoodie (she said):

Okay, whatever I did there was a little uhm… silly!  LOL!

Aaanyway! Seeing that we will be spending some quality time with the amazing peeps from Ginifer Gin this weekend, I was reminded of one of the numerous events where we ‘met’ them before!  We’ve been stalking Ginifer since the Good Food and Wine Show – what can I say, we are huge fans 🙂

This was probably one of our favourite events of 2016!  The Gin and Tonic Festival took place on the 5th of November, at 012 Central in Pretoria.  The FIRST one in Pretoria! We keep saying that Pretoria doesn’t need to stand back when it comes to events, festivals and inspiring ‘to do’s’!  And it was very well attended, shortly after the doors opened the G&T’ers started streaming in.  We were the first there of course, so you may think that the venue looks a little bit empty, but it is because us eager beavers where in there the moment the doors opened.  Yes, that’s how we do it!

And what a fun event!  We sipped, sampled, tasted our way through a wide array of excellent craft/local/international gins, interesting G&T creations and beautiful botanicals!  A feast of the senses and a MUST of any gin lover!  And even if you’re not sure if you like gin – give it a try!  I can guarantee you it will charm you as well 🙂 If the G&T Festival comes around this year, get there!  (On their Facebook page I noticed that the next event is on the 26th of Feb in Cape Town)

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