2017 – and tight purse strings


Happy 2017 everyone! Here’s hoping not as many of your beloved childhood icons die this year!

On to business: We have decided to visit eateries this year based on themes. Each month’s theme will somehow be related to something that happens/happened in that month.

January is traditionally a month of debt and misery, where the over-indulging of the festive season comes around to bite us in the ass. It’s a time when we ponder if capitalism really is such a good idea. And when social outing grind to halt, due to finances, but also all sorts of “new year, new me” self-delusions.

But worry no more! To provide genuine consumer advice, we will be going for budget options this month. There is only one rule: the meals need to be under R70. And the R70 excludes drinks. Because what pairs better with failed resolutions than wine. As always, the places we visit will be in-and-around Pretoria and Joburg. So technically, there are three rules. We’ll TRY to post every Monday, but might be late due to sudden attacks of existential dread.

So stay posted!




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