99 bottles of beer on the wall! (And so much more at Beerhouse Centurion)

Noble Savage (he said): 

Okay, let me just apologise for the cellphone pics, normally I do have my ‘proper’ camera with me.  But, no use crying over spilled… beer.

First off, we were invited to attend Beerhouse Centurion’s media launch, and the beer-and-food-pairing was on them. Also, the beers on tap were on them, which was nice *grin* (Getting the disclaimer thing out of the way – very subtle :P)

Most people (in the Centurion – Pretoria are at least) have heard of Firkin. Some have been there. Those people might remember the smell of stale beer and bodily fluids, coupled with the darkest of venues ever conceived by man or beast. So the time came for Firkin to live past its usefulness. And the venue stood empty for some time. And then came Beerhouse.

Those familiar with the Beerhouse in Fourways would know the yellowness of the affair. It really is very yellow, and what you see on the photos doesn’t quite illustrate how very fucking yellow it is. On the bright side (serendipitous pun), the yellow livens up the drab old venue, and creates a fun theme where one would actually want to spend some time.


One of their selling points is “99 of bottles of beer on the wall”. And they indeed do have 99 of bottles of beer on their wall.


Most of these are local, and they seem to be staying away from pushing the SAB (or whatever they’re called now) beers. Because who wants to support capitalism? This message brought to you by Ultrameganational Industries; a subsidiary of Soylent Corporation.


The main event of the evening was the beer and food pairing. First off was a smoked salmon and dill arancini, paired with Leaky Tap’s Golden Ale. Leaky Tap is a local, as in Centurion, brewery, and most of the attendees were raving about their Golden Ale.


Indeed, the salmon was light enough not to overpower the beer, while bitterness of the hops were slightly reduced by the salt in the salmon. Next up was coconut crumbed avo and Sriracha aoli, paired with Gold Rush Steam lager. I’m allergic to avo, so didn’t have the dish. The beer was on the light side, so not quite my cup of tea.

Third was a mushroom ceviche, avo and cherve mousse with toast, paired with Frontier Brewing Co.’s Saison. Again, the avo sorta ruined it for me. But the beer was the big surprise of the evening. At first, I wasn’t too keen on it (I think my description was “tastes like bad pork rinds”). But as I had a few more sips, the beer became better and better. So much so, that I would say it was my favourite of the evening.


I’m sure you can check out the photos for the rest of the pairings – I’m tired of remembering them now. In short, and in my opinion, the Beerhouse is a much needed local for Centurion. Up to know, there has not really been classy beer spot, and the Beerhouse will go a long way to address this shortcoming in Centurion. Prost!!


Boozy Foodie (she said):

I noticed the Beerhouse’s signature bright yellow exterior and signage coming up a couple of weeks ago, where the legendary Firkin used to be.  And immediately I started getting excited – Centurion is getting with it!  🙂  Yes, I do believe that Pretoria can be a big player on the entertainment/food/restaurant scene – we do have a lot of potential this side of the valley!  But, for now – let me focus on those 99 bottles of beer on the wall!

Walking into the new venue the first thing I noticed was how ‘light’ and fresh it looked.  The Beerhouse peeps did a lot with the space available – it even looks bigger inside.  We thought that we were a little too early so we were hang around at the bar for a bit – getting advice which of the 99 beers were Proudly Pretoria ones!  And that is what is the cool part – the media launch included a beer and food pairing as well – and all the beer we tasted were from local Pretoria brewers.  Told you – Pretoria is the place to be!  🙂

While we were settling in we ordered a few beers to sip on – we tried a few of the beers on offer.  The beer menu is pretty cool, no need to feel overwhelmed by all the options, the menu guide and educates you about the various styles of beer and the are various tasting trays and pairing options available as well.  So take your time and explore!  There are also a large variety of beers available on tap – ranging from old SAB favourites, to imported fruit style beers.

A promising start indeed!  Of the ‘pre-tasting’ beers I loved Drifter’s Stranded Coconut – a very different beer with a roasted coconut taste – like hops and pina colada!  Yes, I am such a girl….

We had the opportunity to chat to Randolf Jorberg – the man in the yellow suit – and the visionary behind the Beerhouse brand. It was fascinating to hear the story behind the story – exciting indeed!

And then, the pairing started!  Each of the breweries featured – Leaky Tap Brewery (from Centurion!), Legends Brewery, Frontier Beer Company, Hazeldean Brewing Company, Friar’s Habit Craft Brewery and Stimela Brewing Company – had the opportunity to introduce their breweries and beers – so we got the info from the horse’s mouth so to speak!  And then the residential chef (I feel terrible for not remembering his name, I do apologise sir!) would chat to us why the specific dish he served worked so well with each beer.

Pairing 1:  Leaky Tap Golden Ale paired with Smoked Salmon and Dill Arancini with roast lemon dip

Pairing 2:  Legends Steam Beer with Coconut Crumbed Avocado and Sriracha Aoli


Pairing 3:  Frontier Beer Company Saison paired with Mushroom Ceviche, Avocado and Cherve Mousse and Tostada

Pairing 4: Hazeldean Brewing Company Milk Stout with Tamarind and Chili glazed baby back ribs


Pairing 5:  Friar’s Habit Weiss with Smoked Bacon Baklava


Pairing 6:  Stimela Brewing Co. IPA with carrot cake muffin with cheesecake filling, cinnamon streusel.


And please don’t ask me to choose!  Each beer and food pairing was unique in its own way – and I really enjoyed it all.  What I remember most from our chat to Randolf was that he mentioned that they aim to educate people about beer – and that is exactly what the #MeetTheBrewers Event does!

To close the evening we were entertained by Simpl3 Stori3s  – these guys were really great, super entertaining and fun to watch!  We all left with a song in our heads:  “Do you want a Beer…?”


A big thank you to Beerhouse Centurion – to Randolf a.k.a the Head Dreamer and Murray a.k.a the Beer Whisperer and all the brewers who shared their pride and passion with us!  And I was the lucky winner of 2 cases of these breweries’ beers – so it was a great evening!  Thanks 🙂


We will be back!  And we’re bringing more beer buddies!  Cheers!

Beerhouse Centurion Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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