Magical Mosiac


Boozy Foodie (she said):

Seeing that Mosaic at the Orient is officially making waves being the only non-Western Cape restaurant making the Eat Out Magazine’s Top 10 list, I thought it would be good to share why I thought they really deserve this honour. And, I may be a little bias, but I actually think it deserves the number 1 position.  It isn’t just a ‘grand’ restaurant – it is an experience like no other.

If there is ONE restaurant you must visit before you die, this is it.  Seriously.

Gorgeous, stylish, opulence!  It is not only about the fantastic food, burst of flavour and pure creative genius of Chantel Dartnall, but also the mindblowing attention to detail, fabulous service, and graceful and inspiring decor and beauty of the place!  Unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in my life!

Instead of doing a big write-up, because words really fail me – I thought I’d share some photos of our visit earlier this year and some general snippets of information (Restaurant Week – Autumn Edition – April 2016). And hope that my cellphone photos does the experience a little bit of justice!

This restaurant is located at the striking Orient Boutique Hotel, in the Francolin Convervancy, just outside Pretoria – approaching this venue is enough to fill you with excitement and awe.



Being super eager and excited we arrived nearly an hour before our booking time, but it gave us enough time to explore a bit!  We got our welcome drink from Germain Lehodey, one of the few internationally qualified sommeliers in our country and after a short introduction, we decided to first explore the beautiful gardens and the on-site art gallery.


And then, the entrance/louge area.  It was fabulous to just look around and daydream – what it must feel like to actually LIVE there?  #RemindMeToPlayLotto

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And then… we were shown to our table.  And presented with the most amazing meal experience – ever.


Words simply fail me, because it will probably just end up sounding like a bunch of adjectives strung together.  And I am actually afraid that I won’t be able to do the experience justice.

Although it was Restaurant Week, we were presented with the majority of items available on the seasonal Roots and Shoots Menu, and by just reading what was on offer, and the passion that comes through in decribing the dishes and menu, you will understand why I was (and still am) so awestuck.

And just a little starstuck as well – think I could barely manage a word when Chantel Dartnall stopped by our table to share the options available:  Roots and Shoots Season Menu



Every single dish a work of art, I was actually a little reluctant to eat it – but wow….  (You see… lost for words again!).

We opted for the wine pairing option, which ensured that each masterpiece was perfectly complimented – and because…. just look at the wine list!  Isn’t it FABULOUS!  🙂


Everything about this meal as absolutely perfect – wine, food, ambience, service of such a high standard, it honestly changed our idea of ‘fine dining’.  We even got little treats to take home!   Put this on your bucket list – and just do it 🙂






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