De Kloof – the grand finale of Restaurant Week 2016!

Noble Savage (he said): 

Round three – off to De Kloof, situated at Waterkloof Golf Estate (again fitting in with the golfist crowd…) in The Capital. We’ve been to DK Burgers (gourmet burger-joint connected to the main restaurant) before, and have wanted to return to De Kloof for some fancy schmancy-ness. And we weren’t disappointed!

The décor of the restaurant is clean and classy, and steer away from the “sterile-trap” that many fine dining restaurants fall into. When entering up the stairs, it’s clear that they have an affinity for wine – there really is wine wherever you look. Even on the wine list (gasp!).

The menu suggests that De Kloof does not take itself too seriously – the names of their dishes include gems like “Squid Squad”, “Pig in Japan”, and “African Cow” to name but a few. The “African Cow” in particular was an interesting addition: fillet medallion, beef cheek ledombolo, Nguni bobotie, marog, umgqusho risotto, and a Klipdift and pepper inkomazi sauce. I was unfortunately not adventurous enough to give it a try…

As my starter, I decided on the Squid Squad – stuffed squid, tabbouleh, melon panko, smoked herb, and lemon butter. This dish was nice and light, while still packing a punch with the flavour – perfect for a starter that shouldn’t fill one up before the mains arrive. And for the life of me I can’t remember what wine I had with the squid, so it must have been good!


My main course was the Pig in Japan – pork belly (for the second day in a row – its cholestorolific!), pork cheek stuffed pork trotter, kambco, candied apples, miso jus, sweet-and-sour beans, and bok choi. It a very interesting dish, with different textures and flavours complementing one another. I really can’t compare this pork belly to the previous one I had, as the chefs’ approaches to the dishes are vastly different. This is made to impress, and it absolutely impressed me.


To wash down the intricate Japanese Pig, I chose a Kanonkop Pinotage of some-or-other vintage. This worked quite well with the meal, as the pork’s bold flavours were nicely complemented by the seriousness of the Pinotage. If you’re a Pinotage snob, forgive me – I have only recently started exploring Pinotage, and like the old-school approach of Kanonkop. None of the “easy drinking” bullshit; just serious wine.

The service was top notch, as one would expect from a restaurant with this reputation and calibre. I’m not sure how their dinner sitting would be, but can definitely recommend De Kloof for a nice, slow Sunday lunch.

P.S. Stop the presses – I remembered which wine I paired with the squid! It was The Fledge & Co Katvis Pinot Noir. Lekker times!

Boozy Foodie (she said):

The Spring edition of Restaurant Week’s bookings was my responsibility.  So of course I chose De Kloof as a grand finale!  And it was so worth it!

Excellent service, a fabulous menu, and a beautiful venue.


We started off with a delicious amuse bouche just to wet our appetite! Freshly baked bread, cauliflower puree, cucumber gazpacho and smoked butter.


For starters I opted for the “Italian Warthog” – to directly quote the menu:  “Pulled leg of Warthog, red currant ravioli, impala carpaccio, gooseberry compote, sauce bordelaise” and man, that was really super tasty – big mouthfuls of flavour, each biteful a perfect mix of flavour, texture and awesomeness.  And how gorgous is the plating? And the plate!


I was brave and had it with Paul Clover Gewurtztraminer – and it worked so well!

Next…. mains!  Check this out:

Smokey Joe”

Milk poached farm chicken breast, confit gizzard & leg pies, shimeji mushroom, pancetta & artichoke pearl barley risotto

And yes, was as delicious as it sounds!


The service was impeccable, a real 5-star experience.  Put De Kloof on your list as a ‘spoil yourself’ restaurant, it really is worth it!



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